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A Call to Die

by Briley Hancock, FCS Student, 10th Grade The past couple months have been filled with time in God’s Word and convicting lessons that have challenged me in various ways. All the lessons I’ve listened to and read have left me with at least one take… Read More

Book Review: How to Talk to Your Kids about Pop Culture

Free eBook available of How to Talk to Your Kids about Pop Culture at: To Disciple or Not to Disciple My Kids… It’s no secret that today more than any other era in history parents are facing steep competition … Continue reading → Read More

Sunday School Preview: April 27, 2014

God sovereignly works through the challenges of our lives--both for our good and for His glory. That truth is clearly on display in this week's Sunday School lesson from Acts 16:16-40. Check out more thoughts on this passage in our video preview. Continue reading → Read More
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