Aquatic Classes

Aquatic Classes


American Red Cross Swim Lessons Levels 1-5 are available at Faith Community Center! The focus of American Red Cross Learn to Swim classes is to give children ages 4-12 the physical skills and safety knowledge necessary to maximize their enjoyment of the water. The majority of Faith Community Center instructors are trained and certified by the Red Cross.


  • Preschool: Preschool Aquatics is designed to teach basic swimming skills to your preschooler. They are taught to enter and exit the water safely, to submerge their mouths and blow bubbles, and to glide on their fronts. They will work up to gliding on their front and back, and being able to float on their back.
  • Level 1 - Introduction to Water Skills: Purpose: to help students feel comfortable and safe in water. Skills taught include breath holding, front and back float, entering water independently, introduction to flutter kicking, front crawl arms. Students with water experience may move through this level quickly.
  • Level 2* - Fundamental Aquatic Skills: Purpose: to give students fundamental and self-propulsion skills. Skills taught include unsupported front and back glide, front crawl coordination with breathing, beginning back crawl arm action, orientation to deep water.
  • Level 3* - Stroke Development: Purpose: to build on and practice Level 2 skills. Skills taught include coordinating front crawl and back crawl, introduction to elementary backstroke, introduction to treading, retrieving objects, introduction to diving.
  • Level 4* - Advanced Stroke Development: Purpose: to continue to inprove on skills learned in lessons one through three. Skills taught include intoduction to the breaststroke, butterfly, crawl and sidestroke.
  • Level 5* - Skill and Endurance: Purpose: to build endurance and skill on all the strokes learned in the previous lessons.

*To enter Levels 2-5, swimmers must pass an introductory skills assessment based on Red Cross guidelines.

Semi-private and private lessons are also available.Please contact the instructor for more information about these lessons.

Dates and Times  (Spring Session 2015)

Session 1: January 20 - March 17

Session 2: April 7 - May 26

Tuesday Classes: 8 weeks, 30 minute classes, 1 day a week

4:00 pm - Preschool

4:30 pm - Level 1

5:00 pm - Level 2

5:30 pm - Level 1 or 2


Class Cost

 FCC Members*

Class lessons (4-8 people in each class)  $50/child  $65/child
Semi-private (2 people)  $65/child  $80/child
Private (1 person)  $80/child  $100/child

* The children must be members of the community center to qualify for the member's price, not only the parents.


To register, please complete a registration form and return with payment to the Faith Community Center. For more information, contact Yvette Welk by email at


Group lesson absences will not be made up unless the class is cancelled by the instructor. 
In semi-private and private lessons, absences may be made up. Please contact the instructor at least 4 hours before lesson time to cancel.


Faith Community Center
5572 Mercy Way
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