Biblical Counseling Training Conference


Navigate the conference and network with your peers using the BCTConf app.

Download the app:


BCTC App Features

  1. Complete Profile
    1. You’ll see an invitation to do so from the timeline (the default window that loads upon installation)…or you can go to the menu here and complete it.
    2. As you fill out your profile, please don’t forget to include your Location (“City, State, Country”). Since all of the fields are searchable, it will be very easy to network with counselors from your city/state/country.
      Note: for best results, spell out your state/country instead of using abbreviations.
  2. Search: a comprehensive search feature for the entire app. For example, enter the name “Viars” and you’ll find Pastor Viars’ People profile, all of the Sessions that he is teaching, and his Speaker profile.
  3. Activity Stream: view recent activity (messages, announcements, etc.) or post your own comments/photos
  4. People: network and communicate with other guests
  5. Favorites & Notes: keep track of People, Sessions, Speakers, etc.
  6. Schedule: view all of the track sessions along with their times and locations, or filter the list to show just the sessions in your track
  7. Speakers: a comprehensive list of all of the featured speakers and conference instructors along with a headshot, short bio and, if provided, contact info
  8. Venue Maps: architectural diagrams, color coded by tracks, to help you find your track’s location
  9. Area Map: find venue locations, hotels & restaurants in the area
  10. Twitter: follow #BCTConf & @fbcmlafayette related tweets
  11. Photostream of all the official conference photos