Faith West Campaign - Purdue Bible Fellowship and Biblical Counseling

Project Update: We reached our commitment goal of 3 million dollars! Thank you for your support of this project. Additional commitments and gifts are always appreciated, and will be used in support of the project.

Our 2009-2013 five-year Strategic Ministry Plan directed us to prayerfully consider a number of capital projects. One of these project is a new student and biblical counseling center close to the Purdue University campus--a center which we are calling Faith West. 

Our funding support goal is to assist in purchasing land, site development, and construction of the Purdue Bible Fellowship and biblical counseling facility.

In order to develop this portion of the project into a reality, we are asking people within our Faith family to make three-year financial commitments, starting in 2012 and going through 2014. We will need to raise about the same amount in capital contributions as our annual giving over a three-year period. We are asking each family to consider faithfully giving about 1/3 more each of the three years. By working together, we can glorify God with a Purdue-oriented facility dedicated to reaching out to a university population of more than 40,000 people.

Along with meeting the gathering space and biblical counseling needs of the facility, the leadership team is continuing to discuss providing a cluster of community ministries along with a limited amount of affordable ministry housing on the site. Any site development beyond the needs of the PBF space will be separately funded based on a conservative business plan. 

We are pleased that we have received commitments from all who serve in a leadership capacity at Faith. Our pastors, senior professionals, and deacons have all indicated that they see the importance of this capital project. Their commitment alone accounts for more than 22% of the projected PBF ministry expense.

Scripture encourages us to think of our giving in terms of “tithes and offerings” (cf. Malachi 3:8). Our tithes (from the biblical word meaning “tenth”) are what we give to support the ministries of the church. Offerings are the additional gifts we provide beyond our regular giving. We are asking you to prayerfully indicate how you intend to please the Lord in your giving for the coming year.

We are asking everyone in our ministry family to complete your PBF commitment form. We plan to update our church family weekly on the campaign’s progress. Your timely response will be an encouragement to others around you.  The last day for commitments is Sunday, November 13.

Joyfully serving our Savior together,

Your Pastors