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Bible-based, Christ-centered, Local Church-driven

Interested in serving as a short-term or career missionary with FGM? This is where you start.

In Acts 13 the Holy Spirit called Saul and Barnabas to serve as missionaries.  The local church of Antioch prayed and fasted and then confirmed the calling of the Holy Spirit.  Then the text tells us that they were sent out by the Holy Spirit and released by the local church.  At FGM we believe strongly in that the local church should drive missions.  We want to help your local church accomplish its God-given mission in global outreach.

If you belong to a church that has a heart for missions and are a FAST Christian, you have come to the right place.  

A FAST Christian is one who is:

  • Faithful - You faithfully attend the services and activities of your local church.

  • Active - You actively participate in the services and activities of your local church, not just a casual observer.

  • Serving - You go beyond attending and participating by seeking opportunities of regular service to others through your local church ministry.

  • Teachable - You are quick to learn from others recognizing you’re not always right.

If you are a FAST Christian, we invite you to apply.