Our Goals



Present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God...  (Romans 12:1)

Our desire is to build character through competitive activities and teamwork. Intramural and IHSAA sports programs complement our creative, challenging and rigorous physical education classes.

At Faith Christian School we strive to:   

  • Develop a respect for the body as a temple of the Holy Spirit
  • Teach intelligent care of the body
  • Encourage the yielding of the body as an instrument for God's use


For not one of us lives for himself. (Romans 14:7)

At Faith Christian School we seek to:

  • Instill loyalty to Jesus Christ in all things and at all times
  • Help the student understand his place and obligations in the family
  • Enable the student to realize his Christian responsibility for the welfare of every group to which he belongs
  • Awaken and foster missionary responsibility in the student toward all men