Faith Christian Admission Steps
     Complete and submit application 
     Administration will then contact your family for an interview
     Prospective student comes in for placement testing
     Family receives online enrollment packet to complete upon acceptance


Application (2017-2018)

Apply   Re-enroll on Parentsweb

Standard Fees (2017-2018)

  K5 1/2 Day K5-5th
Application Fee $50 $50
Enrollment Fee (new students) $200 $200
Early Re-enrollment Fee (current students) $115 $115
Tuition (annual) $4,000 $5,415
Tuition (12 months)    $333 $451

Application Fee (new students)

The application fee must accompany a student’s application for admission.
This is a non-refundable fee that helps cover the cost of processing applicants.

New Enrollment Fee (new students)

A one time, non-refundable fee per student in K5-12th grade due at the time of enrollment.
This fee does not apply toward tuition.

Early Re-enrollment Fee (current students)

A non-refundable fee that helps cover the administrative costs of processing current students.
After February 10th, this fee increases to $200.


Helps cover the general costs of operating the school.

Billing and payment

  • Tuition is billed monthly on a 12-month schedule beginning June 1 and goes through May 1.
  • Any payment not received in the school office by the 15th day of the month will cause a $25 late fee to be charged to your account. If you ever have a problem meeting your payment schedule, please call the school office before the due date to make other arrangements.

Discounts and Assistance

Multiple Student discounts (annual)

  • 2 children in school - $300
  • 3 children in school - $600
  • 4 children in school - $1,200
  • 5 children in school - $1,500
  • 6 children in school - $1,800

Tuition Assistance

FCS has a tuition assistance fund which is designated for needy students who are recommended because of their faithful walk and testimony.  A “C” average or better is also a necessary requirement to maintain the assistance.  Applications for tuition assistance are available in the school office.

Specialty Fees

Specialty fees are fees not covered by the normal tuition.

Music Fees

*Private Voice/Piano/Instrument Lessons $65/mo
Band Percussion Students     $50/yr
School Instrument Rental $100-$150/yr
3rd Grade Recorder Fee $9/item
Beginning Band Method Book I or II $11/item

*Private Lessons given by teachers who are not staff are paid directly to the individual teachers. Lessons given by school personnel during school hours will be billed monthly.

Athletic Fees

Elementary Athletics:  $70 1st sport; $50 each additional sport

Program Fees

K5-5th Grade Reading Extravaganza A minimal charge ($5-$10) will be billed in December
5th Grade Overnight Retreat Approximately $30 (Spring)
5th Grade Jr. Achievement/JA Biz Town Approximately $65 (Fall)
Technology Fee $50/student K5-8th
$100/student 9-12th
$200/family Maximum

Graduation Fee

Kindergarten promotion fee: $25 (billed April 1st)