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Addicts: An Unreached People Group?

With over 2 billion people worldwide lacking access to a Bible, an evangelical church, and even just a Christian person, there is a serious need for the missional work of global evangelism, disciple-making, and church planting. That’s why I believe biblical counseling is a tremendous… Read More

Dustin Folden’s Journey to Faith

The following article by Stacy Clardie is the fifth in a series that shares our Pastors’ testimonies of how the Lord led them to Faith Church. Dustin Folden’s mother was getting annoying. LeeAnn Folden wasn’t saved until later in life, in her 40s, but once she accepted Christ,… Read More

Help! I’m On Overload!

Candace Dunston was the latest speaker in the Women’s Ministries Saturday Brunch Series. Funny and bold, Dunston taught women on how to “unload” when your life is on “overload.” Candace focused on three key points in her talk: We don’t have as much time as… Read More
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