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1st Fridays and 2nd Saturdays — Let the Nations be Glad

  1. ↩ 2. Dates may be altered by the majority of people attending if the need arises. ↩ 3. Online here: Kindle | Paperback | Audiobook. ↩ Read More

Running The Race:  A Fresh Start To A New Year

One of the best things about the first few days of school is that everyone is excited for a fresh start. Regardless of what may have happened last year, whether good or bad, it is refreshing that we can start anew every school year. During… Read More

Redemption Reigns: Reflections of a Former Intern

As previously discussed, our internship program is an amazing opportunity for women to learn about biblical counseling and how to help others who are struggling with serious, life-dominating problems. In the coming blog posts, we will be introducing you to our current interns, many of… Read More
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