Join Us For a Week of Life-Changing Biblical Counseling Training
The Biblical Counseling Training Conference
February 7-12, 2021

Equipping ministry professionals and lay leaders to skillfully, confidently, and lovingly minister God's Word to those looking for answers.

You'll Grow as a Counselor

The week is packed with practical Biblical Counseling Training from men and women who have counseled for decades. We promise you'll go home a more equipped counselor.

You'll Grow in Christ

As you interact with the 2,000+ counselors, and listen to our experienced speakers, you'll be challenged to become a more faithful disciple and disciple-maker.

"I came away from the conference... with a new, re-defined, re-organized, clearer vision of what our counseling could be and should be. Your conference probably was the difference between success and failure for our counseling ministry."
- Dennis Herrington

"[Your BCTC] was by far the most practical conference I have been to in my 13 years of ministry. The basic tools I’ve gained have been keeping me from becoming overwhelmed with people’s problems and keep hoping in the power of the Gospel, the Word, and the Spirit of God."
- Josh Kappes

"My wife and I both attended and were thrilled with the depth of theology and practical application. The sessions impacted my own walk and marriage in so many ways. If I had known how great it would be, I would've recruited many more from my and other churches to join us!"
- Any Kotko

"We were blown away by your servant hearts - you guys are so in love with our Savior and it SHOWS! After returning from your conference, we felt much more equipped to encourage [our hurting church members] in Christ, and we had so much hope after seeing how your church operates."
- Chelsey Kayse

"My husband and I have been blessed by your ministry for several years. We remember our first year, probably day 2, looking at each other in awe, praising God that he had been gracious to keep us together despite the wrong heart attitudes we were now discovering we had. Track 1 revolutionized our marriage and our hearts for ministry."
- Julie Bittle

Conference Speakers

Brad Bigney has served as the Senior Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church since 1996. He is is an ACBC-certified counselor and is involved in the counseling ministry of his church, as well as teaching in other conferences and training centers across the nation.He’s the author of Gospel Treason – Betraying the Gospel with Hidden Idols.

Brad Bigney

Brad Bigney has served as the Senior Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church since 1996.

Elyse Fitzpatrick is the author of more than 20 books. She is a frequent conference and retreat speaker. She is an ACBC-certified counselor and is director of Women Helping Women Ministries. Among her books are Because He Loves Me, Found in Him, Counsel from the Cross, Answering Your Kids’ Toughest Question, and Give Them Grace

Elyse Fitzpatrick

Elyse Fitzpatrick is the author of more than 20 books and a frequent conference and retreat speaker.

Dr. Steve Viars has served as a pastor and counselor at Faith since 1987. He is an international speaker and a board member of both the Biblical Counseling Coalition and Vision of Hope. He is the author of Putting Your Past in Its Place and was a managing editor of Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling

Dr. Steve Viars

Dr. Steve Viars has served as a pastor and counselor at Faith since 1987.

Meet All Speakers
Livestream Sessions

Each year we live stream the evening sessions from Track 1 and the Friday morning Closing Plenary on our FBCM Facebook page. Afterwards, you'll be able to view it on demand from our BCTC Video page.


The conference sign-in is Sunday from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.


@ Northend Community Center

Location
Northend Community Center

4:00 pm: Sign-in
5:00-8:30 pm: Preconference Sessions

8:00 am - 4:45 pm: Preconference Sessions
Lunch is provided


@ Faith East: Tracks 1-3 & 5-6
@ Faith West: Track 4

3:00 pm: Sign-in
6:00 - 6:30 pm: Welcome & Worship
6:30 - 8:00 pm: First Session

Mon-Wed: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Thu: 8:00 am - 8:30 pm (with dinner break on your own)
Fri: 8:00 am - 11:15 am
(Lunch provided on site Monday - Thursday)

Register Today

Register early for a discounted rate! Cost includes a conference notebook, snacks during breaks, and lunch on Monday-Thursday.

Please Note: All registrants will receive an email within a few weeks of the conference giving them the opportunity to opt-in to the gluten-free menu.

Travel & Accomodations

There are several options for traveling to/from Lafayette and accommodations overnight when you get here, including discounted rates at select hotels. Free housing is also available on a limited basis for those who otherwise cannot attend the conference.

Plan Your Travel

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