COVID-19 Resources & Reopening Plan

Following is an overview of Faith Church's Reopening Plan as well as some helpful resources to help all of us though this difficult time.

Our Reopening Plan

A Staged, Socially Responsible Plan for Reopening Faith Ministries

Prefer a printed version of our reopening plan? See the Reopening Documents & Helpful Links section below.

Kids in Services

Using Masks

Children's Ministries

Reopening Documents: Phase III
Helpful Links

Prayer Team: Join our Prayer Team as we bathe our re-opening plans with prayer for God’s strength and protection. We understand that unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it (Psalm 127:1).

Service Tickets: Please register to attend a service by reserving your free tickets.

Kids Tickets: Families wishing to place their children in our onsite ministries should register for tickets each week.

Online Streaming: Our Sunday services will continue to be offered virtually; additionally several Adult Bible Fellowships, Sunday School classes, and Faith Community Institute classes will also be available online.

If you'd like to join an online Bible Study, Adult Bible Fellowship, Point Man Group, etc., please contact Pastor Dustin Folden for more information.

We're here to help - let us know if you have questions or if we can serve you.

Community Support Resources

Blood Drives

As we all try to manage through this health crisis, another crisis is at hand: A Blood Shortage. Blood has no substitute, and Blood is Life.

Faith Community Ministries has joined with Versiti Blood Centers of Indiana and the American Red Cross to support the community and will be offering several blood drives over the next few weeks as a support system for our local community.

Versiti, the Red Cross, and Faith Community Centers are following all social distancing protocol currently recommended to ensure the safe donation of blood at each of these upcoming events.

  • 16 and older are eligible to donate
  • Be sure to bring a Photo ID, eat and hydrate
  • APPOINTMENTS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED in order to maintain space between donors for added safety.

March 16: 1:00 - 6:00 pm @ Faith West Community Center
Multi-Purpose Room
Sign Up: here

March 24: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm @ Faith East Community Center
Sign Up: here

April 13: 1:00 – 6:00 pm @ Faith West Community Center
Multi-Purpose Room
Sign Up: here

May 11: 1:00 - 6:00 pm @ Faith West Community Center
Multi-Purpose Room
Sign Up: here

June 22: 1:00 – 6:00 pm @ Faith West Community Center
Multi-Purpose Room
Sign Up: here

Healthcare Workers Childcare

Faith is very thankful for the healthcare professionals serving our community during the current outbreak of COVID-19. We understand that the closing of schools and childcare facilities has created a hardship for many of these professionals. Our love for Christ motivates us to love and serve our neighbors—especially those who are laboring sacrificially to serve the public interest.

Local healthcare providers have asked us to design a program to serve the children of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. Individuals and families from Faith Church and Faith Christian School are opening their homes to provide childcare for the children of Greater Lafayette’s healthcare workers.

If you wish to participate in this program as either a childcare provider or recipient, please SIGN UP.

Healthcare Workers Prayer Support

Following a prayer list of our church and community members who work in the healthcare industry that our members can use to lift these special servants up in prayer as they sacrifice their safety each day to keep us safe. If you work in the healthcare industry and would like our church family to pray for you in this way, please send us: Your name, Where you work and what you do, and Any specific prayer requests. Thank you for all you are doing for the Lord and our community. Please be encouraged by the words of Hebrews 6:10 - For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name, in having ministered and in still ministering to the saints.

Yemi & Maureen Aladejebi

Yemi is a Pharmacist at Walmart Pharmacy 2347 Veterans Memorial Parkway.

Maureen is a Pharmacist at Walmart Pharmacy - 4205 Commerce drive.

  • Please pray for us not to be fearful and to act with wisdom.

Susan Anderson

RN at IU Arnett Emergency Department

Nathan Anderson

Health Facility Administrator at Rosewalk Village of Lafayette nursing home

Heidi Archer

St Elizabeth East, Labor & Delivery RN

Tasha Arnold

Lafayette Rehab, Chase Arnold University Place.

Larry Aukerman

Pharmacy Technician at Walmart Veteran’s Memorial

  • Please pray for the health of all my coworkers so we may continue to serve our community during this difficult time

Dr. Luella (“Lou”) Bangura

I work at Blackbird clinic services in Lafayette, Indiana. I am the medical director. As a team, we see patients from all over the state of Indiana. We complete physicals and testing, as well as COVID-19 testing.

  • Please help each one of us to be patient during this intense time for all patients, employees, and employers.

Marcia Beutler

Pediatric Associates of Lafayette.

  • please pray for Marcia and her colleagues

Kathy (Wilkerson) Biggs

I work right now at the front registration desk in IU Arnett’s Emergency Room.

  • It is really an eye-opener to what is going on. I start the registration process for patients coming in. With doing this I am not going to check physically on my mom (who has Alzheimer’s and my bonus dad who has multiple health problems). I call them nightly to see what I can pick up for them, but it weighs heavy on my heart.

Christine Bolton

Optometrist, emergency eye care

Mark Buono, MD, Ph.D.

Cardiac Anesthesiologist, deployed in OR for emergency or cardiac cases IU Health Arnett

Kylie Campbell

Surgery/drive-thru COVID 19 clinic at ST. Elizabeth Hospital

Janae Campbell

Nurse at Cumberland Point nursing home

Donna Crone

I am an RN and work at Franciscan Health Lafayette.

  • Please pray for the healing of our patients, safety and health for our physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, support staff, and our hospital administration to make the best possible decisions for our health and well-being.
  • Please pray that we continue to receive the PPE that is needed to protect ourselves, our families, and our community.
  • Please pray for peace and comfort, anxiety is high, not only with patients and in America in general, but there is high anxiety with the front line healthcare staff as well.

Zandra D’Hue, MD

Gary Dupre

Hospitalist IU Health

  • Please pray for the safety of our staff and our families
  • Please pray that we can be Christ-like in our actions and attitudes

Natalie Emert

I am an Emergency Medicine physician, currently working at the Witham ED at Anson in Zionsville.

  • Please pray for safety for my coworkers and family as well as the other professions out keeping us going- truck drivers, manufacturers of our equipment and other medical supplies, etc.
  • Please pray that people will take this as seriously as it is and follow the executive order to stay home except for essential things.

Eugenia (Gigi) Fair

I'm a registered nurse at IU Health Arnett Hospital. I was working in outpatient GI but it closed because most procedures were canceled. I was redeployed to the Medical Office Building attached to the hospital in Infectious Disease, where I am learning a new role. I am calling patients with their COVID-19 test results.

  • Please pray that I would be faithful in what God has called me to do and not anxious about the burden this role brings with it.

Alex Fair

I am a surgery nurse at IU Health Arnett. I am still functioning in the same role but there are fewer hours because many of the cases have been canceled and the risk of accidental exposure is high.

  • Please pray that the surgery department remains safe and healthy.

April Fife

I am a nurse practitioner at Riggs clinic, working in women’s health.

  • Please pray for protection for both the health of our staff and our patients as we continue to care for our community.

Michelle (McGinty) Franklin

Michelle works at the American Family Children's Hospital at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin. She works as a surgical technician in the operating room.

  • Please pray for provision of protective equipment (they are running extremely low)
  • Please pray for physical strength for the staff as they are on 24-hour full staffing.
  • Please pray for protection from the virus for staff since they are risking exposure every day.
  • Please pray for Michelle as a new employee at this hospital and a new resident of Madison trying to get accustomed to so much and now facing this unusual and critical situation.

Daric Geyer

RN at IU-Arnett in the cath lab, but he’s getting pulled to an unknown area with more urgent need.

  • Prayers for his attitude of service in a challenging time, energy, and health/protection for our family.

Brian Gilbert

Orthopedic trauma rep (involved in orthopedic surgery) at IU, St. E and other surrounding area hospitals

Sabrina Gilbert

X-ray tech at IU Arnett

Jen Greiner

I work in the ICU at IU Arnett

  • Please pray that I would control my thinking and fears during this time
  • Please pray that I would be a light during this time especially to my unbelieving coworkers

Rosanne Griggs

Family Health Clinic of Wolcott - Family Nurse Practitioner. Currently only going to the clinic on Thursdays. The rest of the week I work remotely.

Karen Hatfield

Rockville Correctional facility – Therapist

Charles Hodges

I do family medicine and on occasion, I work in our respiratory clinic where we are sending patients who may have the virus.

  • Please pray for our daughters who work at Ascension St. Vincent Medical Group Broad Ripple.
  • Please pray for my associates in our office. At least one has contracted the virus.
  • Please pray for us as we prepare to deal with this pandemic in our hospitals.

Michelle Hodson

I work at IU Health Arnett Hospital in Lafayette in the Environmental Services dept.

  • Please pray for the health & safety of my dept. and the rest of the staff at the hospital.
  • Please pray for my daughter, Megan, she is an RN there and is working in the COVID unit directly

Nathan Huber

Franciscan Health Lafayette/Unity Healthcare, General Surgery/Acute Care and Trauma Surgery

  • Please pray for an understanding love that casts out fear, composure under distress, wisdom to lead

Jerry Jefson

Franciscan Health Lafayette/Unity Healthcare, General Surgery

  • Please pray for the protection of healthcare workers around the globe and for wisdom in clinical and administrative decision making.

Diana Kincade

I am a skilled RN working at Brightstar Home Health care for patients pediatrics through the elderly as well as their families.

David Lin

I am the Infectious Disease physician at Franciscan on Creasy.

  • Please pray that I will seek the Lord and stay close to Him in all things.
  • Please pray that it is the Lord’s work that comes through my mind and hands, and His words that come through my mouth.
  • Please pray for the Lord’s protection, both spiritually and physically.

Carole March

I work in Nursing Informatics and have been instructed to work from home most of the time during the Covid Crisis.

Keith March

I work at the Franciscan Express Care in West Lafayette seeing all types of sick patients. They are not performing testing for suspected Covid infected patients at this time but send those people to the hospital.

  • Please pray for all healthcare workers in the community. It has been a stressful time for all healthcare workers!

Missy Mobley

I am a pharmacist with IU Health who travels between Lafayette, Frankfort, and Monticello.

Iva Morrison

Secretary at Franciscan Health Inpatient Rehabilitation

  • Please pray God will give me the wisdom to best assist my coworkers and help keep families informed of their loved one's conditions.

Emily (Wickert) Munsterman

RN in the ICU of Chilton Hospital, New Jersey.

  • Please pray for the health of her and her family, endurance, strength/compassion/wisdom as they are currently making decisions about care for elderly positive patients.

Lindsay Palmer

I am an RN in the Outpatient Department at Franciscan Health/St E.

  • Please pray for opportunities for us front line workers to spread the Gospel.
  • Please pray that we faithfully move in the direction God is leading us-- speaking to patients and coworkers about Jesus, praying with patients and coworkers, and loving like Jesus.
  • Please pray for my own safety as well as that of my family.

Chelsea Richard

She works at a PCA for the resource team at Franciscan Health. During her shifts, she can work on any floor or in the emergency room.

Michael Roush, RN

Works at IU Arnett Hospital on medical/surgical floor

Kristin Stark, MSN, RN

I am the Infection Prevention Nurse and Staff Development Coordinator at Heritage Healthcare, so I’m responsible for keeping Covid-19 out of the facility and ensuring all staff are properly trained for what to do if it does.

Suzanne Stout

I work in St. Vincent Hospital Indianapolis as a Radiologist Assistant. I work closely with patients when I perform procedures on them.

  • Please pray for everyone to stay safe and be provided with the necessary protective equipment that is needed. There really is a shortage of supplies of protective equipment.
  • Please pray that I can be a light to others during this time.

Stephanie Summerfield

I am an RN at IU Health in Lafayette. I work as a floor nurse and will be taking direct care of patients that may be impacted by the virus.

  • Please pray that I, and my colleagues, stay safe, healthy, and protected through this ordeal.
  • Please pray for strength, stamina, and ability to handle the higher physical and mental demands in an already stressful and highly demanding field.

James Thomas


  • Please pray for health, protection, and wisdom to know how to handle various situations and challenges.

Jonathan Thomas

Pharmacy tech at Meijer

  • Please pray for personal safety and wisdom in dealing and meeting customer’s needs

Susan Voorhis

I work at Indiana University Arnett Hospital in pre-op/GI doing phone calls. I am also helping with patient's phone calls from families of the patients.

  • Please pray for the patients and the families that can’t visit and don’t know a lot about what is happening with their loved ones.
  • Please pray for the nurses that are too busy to take phone calls from patients’ families.
  • Please pray for the front line health care providers.

Anna Walters

Franciscan Health- a nurse in ICU/COVID Critical Care

  • Please pray for wisdom on how to do what is right for these patients and for how to love the patients' loved ones at home.
  • Please pray for safety for my roommates. I feel a big responsibility not to get them sick.

Dan Wickert

VP Medical Affairs - Franciscan Medical - Lafayette

  • Please pray for wisdom/clear thinking - patience to handle hostility – health.

Jeannie Wilkins

Nurse Practitioner at Lafayette Riggs Clinic. Jeannie works with women and cares for them during pregnancy. Two of her colleagues are absent because they have Covid 19. Riggs is an amazing Lafayette clinic serving the under and uninsured of our community. Her husband Rick is at high risk due to cancer issues and she has concerns about germs she may bring home.

Don Williams

I work at Franciscan East, Spiritual Care - Chaplain

  • Please pray for the morale of patients and loved ones during this time of limited contact with each other.
  • Pray for the health, safety, and morale of hospital employees in all departments working under the current level of stress.

Linnette Woodman

Pediatrics @ IU Health Arnett. I have mostly outpatient duties. I do have responsibilities of seeing sick children & adolescents. I also have some inpatient responsibilities as well.

  • Please pray for the safety of the staff directly caring for the COVID19 patients such as the nurses, respiratory therapists, patient care technicians, phlebotomists, & patient transporters.
  • Please pray for the extensive preparations that have been going on in our medical community in order to be adequately prepared to take care of the predicted surge of sicker patients over the next few weeks.

Grace Wyatt

I am an RN at Riggs Community Health Center and work as an Adult Medicine triage nurse

Local Restaurant Support

Please consider ordering food or purchasing a gift certificate from our great local restaurants as this is a great way to love on our community during this time of economic crisis!

Greater Lafayette Commerce's top priority is the health and well-being of our program participants, businesses, their employees and the community at large. This includes encouraging you to continue to support our local restaurants during this time by using their carryout and delivery services.

View the Restaurant Listing

Inspirational Videos & Blog Posts

Moments of Faith Videos

"Friends, the Christian doesn't have to be gripped by fear during a time like this, because we're really secure in our relationship with the one who is holding us." We trust these inspirational video posts will help you as you try to make sense of and navigate daily living during the coronavirus protocol.

The video posted here is the first in this Moments of Faith series. Click on the link below to view the entire series and check back there daily for new installments.

Encouraging Blog Posts

"In our modern world it isn’t often that something happens that affects the life of every individual in the world. World wars, world economic crises and pandemics do not happen every day. During these moments, the earthly structures in which we tend to find security...may all seem threatened or may be failing. The natural temptation is to fear."

If you're feeling fearful/worried/anxious, check out our blog daily for devotional posts to help you keep your heart and mind centered on Christ.