Sample Sessions

If you've never attended one of our conferences and don't know what to expect, this page is for you. Following is an entire teaching session from each of our tracks to help you get a feel for the biblically based, life-changing content we offer through our conferences.

Track 1: Foundational Training

Steve Viars walks potential counselors through the blessings and benefits of providing biblical counseling.

Track 2: Intermediate Training

Brent Aucoin helps to connect the dots between counseling and the underlying heart issues.

Track 3: Advanced Training

Rob Green teaches counselors how to encourage counselees to be knowledgeable and sensitive to the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Track 4: Ongoing Training

Randy Patten helps counselors learn how to use the all sufficient Word of God most effectively in counseling.

Track 5: ACBC Exam Prep

Josh Greiner walks his students through question 11 of the ACBC Theology Exam by using a relevant case study.

Track 6: Women’s Topics

Amy Baker seeks to point those whose souls have been crushed by miscarriage or infertility to the One who was deeply acquainted with sorrow.