International Counseling Training

We have a passion for bring Biblical Counseling training to those who don't have access to counseling training resources.

International Conferences

We've conducted counseling conference in Moldova and several Latin American countries. It is our goal and desire to conduct similar conferences in other strategic locations around the world. We are particularly interested in conducting conferences in locations that could be used to reach closed areas such as China, North Korea, India, and Muslim nations in the Middle East. These conferences tend to be expensive since it is impossible to charge the nationals our full expenses. In addition, we seek to bring printed materials to the conferences that can be given to the attendees for future study on their own.

Latin American Strategy (LAS)

Our current international focus is on our Latin American Strategy (LAS) is concerned with equipping those in Spanish speaking countries with biblical counseling and helping them start biblical counseling centers and training for their respective areas. To date we've conducted extensive training in MexicoCuba, and the Dominican Republic.

Support Our International Training Efforts

You can be a part of our initiative to bring Biblical Counseling Training to countries around the world by giving to our counseling ministry.