Eden Prairie Conference Tracks
Track 1 - Foundations

2018 Track 1 Schedule

Track 1 lays the foundation of biblical counseling principles and practices. Because its focus is on the definition of biblical counseling, how to do biblical counseling, and the most common counseling subjects, such as marriage and family matters, we ask that this track be taken first. This track is required for ACBC certification.

Topics include:

  • Key elements of biblical counseling
  • What makes biblical counseling biblical
  • Comparison of counseling philosophies
  • Doctrine of spiritual growth
  • Marriage roles and parenting
  • Rules of communication
  • Depression
  • Forgiveness
  • Anger, fear, and worry
  • Video case observation
Track 4

2018 Track 4 Schedule

This track is designed to help you continue to grow in your counseling skills. We ask that you complete track 1 first because track 1 teaches the foundations of biblical counseling on which the other tracks are built.