Genesis to Jesus: Tracing Biblical Themes

6 Weeks
Genesis to Jesus: Tracing Biblical Themes

Location: Faith Church East (5526 SR 26 East, Lafayette)

Class time: 6:30-8:00 pm (dates listed below)

Course description: We will trace one theme each week with the goal of learning more about what God teaches us about Himself, ourselves, and His plan, in order that we may grow in our love and awe of God while also growing in applying God's word to our lives.

1: Obtaining Wisdom
2: Returning to the Garden
3: God using the weak
4: God will glorify Himself by giving of Himself
5: Resting in an identity told to me by God
6: Going to war against the wrong enemy

*Please note we will not have class on March 29

  • Feb 22
  • Mar 1
  • Mar 8
  • Mar 15
  • Mar 22
  • Apr 5


Isaac Madison