Intimate Issues (women only)

For Women | 3 Weeks
Intimate Issues (women only)

Location: Faith Church East (5526 State Rd 26 East, Lafayette)

Class time: 6:30-8:00pm

Course description: Does God have anything to say about our intimate relationship with our husbands? How can I be godly and sensual? How do you relate to your husband in this area when you are so different from each other? How do I deal with his (or my) sexual past? God does have answers to these questions and cares about this area of our lives. He has given us a great and glorious gift of unity in our marriages; but many of us have let the culture, instead of God's Word, shape our thinking in this area - to the detriment of our marriages. Let's talk together about how to view this beautiful gift as God does and how to change our thinking and habit patterns to be consistent with this view.

Fees: None

  • Jan 15
  • Jan 22
  • Jan 29


Janet Aucoin



Janet is the Director of Women's Ministries at Faith Church (Lafayette, IN); ACBC certified; teacher in Faith Community Institute; Coordinator of FBS seminary wives fellowship, retreat and conference speaker; B.S. Human Resources, University of South Florida.