Self Defense Class

1 Weeks
Self Defense Class

Location: Faith East Community Center (5572 Mercy Way, Lafayette)

Class time: 6:30-8:00pm (Please note this class is only offered ONE night, date below)

Course description: This class will focus on the mindset necessary to survive encounters from a Christian perspective. We will look at situational awareness and consideration of scenarios, including a legal discussion on the laws pertaining to self-defense, lethal force, and firearms. Also taught will be the fundamentals of hand-to-hand defense. Topics covered: firearms, castle doctrine, carjacking, criminal mentality, walking or jogging, body movements, knife use, and light switch mentality.

Fees: None

  • May 22


Mark Buono

Mark Buono has been a member of Faith Church since 2011.  He and his wife Rebecca serve in the men’s and women’s ministries.  They have three children ranging in age from college to elementary school. Mark teaches at the residential men’s ministry program called Restoration Ministry.  He also serves as the Chair of the Board of Faith Bible Seminary.  Dr. Buono helps coordinate Men of Faith and oversees the men’s Pointman Group program.  He also is a Biblical counselor.  He is employed as the Director of Anesthesia Services at Indiana University for the West Central Region.