The Entrepreneurial Recipe (ERO)

2 Weeks
The Entrepreneurial Recipe (ERO)

How to become a financially literate entrepreneur

Location: This is an online class with a virtual start date of February 27, but we will be meeting at Faith Church East (5526 State Rd. 26 East, Lafayette) on both March 13 & April 17.

Course description: The Entrepreneurial Recipe Online (ERO) small business course was created for individuals who have a desire to hone their entrepreneurial skills. Mr. Connelly collaborated with three distinguished Purdue University professors developing manuscripts. This Faith Community Institute class will be the first online beta offering. Feedback is requested.

Class Time: 6:30-8:30pm (Please note this is a different end time than our normal classes)

Instructions & Homework
(To be done before first physical class, March 13)

  • Download the PDF documents for Module 1 & 2. Each module has two downloads, a module text PDF and a module workbook PDF
  • Read Module 1 Text 
  • Complete Module 1 Workbook written assignments and video assignments
  • Read Module 2 Text
  • Complete Module 2 Workbook written assignments and video assignments
  • Prepare to discuss what you read and the assignments you did relating to your business at the first physical class meeting March 13
    • These Modules and assignments are robust, so feel free to start before the virtual start date

Note: Since this is primarily an online class, there will not be printouts of the text. Therefore, it would be helpful to bring the Module 1&2 PDF’s saved on your own device (tablet, smartphone, laptop) to the first meeting.

Module 1 Text

Module 1 Workbook

Module 2 Text

Module 2 Workbook

Additional Resources
Module 1 - ERO IRM (Instructor's manual)

Module 2 - ERO IRM (Instructor's manual) 

Module 3 Text 

Module 3 Workbook

Module 4 Text

Module 4 Workbook

Module 5 Text

Module 5 Workbook

Module 6 Text

Module 6 Workbook

Module 9 Text 

Module 9 Workbook

Module 11 Text

Module 11 Workbook

Module 13 Text

Module 13 Workbook

 Please E-mail any questions to Donald Connelly -

  • Mar 13
  • Apr 17


Donald Connelly

Founder, Entrepreneurship Educational Services, Inc.