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In 2018, while studying in seminary, God began to direct my heart towards doing ministry in Japan when a dear friend suggested that I should become a missionary in Japan. After prayerful consideration I approached the pastors at my church and we decided that I should do a 3 year mid-term missions assignment in Japan to determine if God was calling me to ministry in Japan. That assignment ended in 2022 and during those 3 years in Japan God greatly grew my heart for the Japanese people (the second largest unreached people group; about 1 percent of Japanese people are Christian) and for the Japanese Church. I am currently working to return to Japan as a long-term missionary where I will work with the Japanese Church to help encourage and strengthen Japanese believers in order that when they go into workplaces, their homes, and their communities they might be the light of Christ there: revealing the joy of having Christ as one's Lord and Savior!

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