Matt & Dayna Hull

Serving in Albania

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Missionary Matt & Dayna Hull

Matt Hull is a seminary intern at Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana. For the past three years he has served as an intern in youth ministry. He and his wife are both pursuing ACBC certification and joyfully raising their newest addition to their family, Hazleigh Grace Hull. Matt will graduate from Faith Bible Seminary this coming June and hopes to immediately embark on a short-term trip to Albania, a country in the Southeastern part of Europe. Albania is a country in great need of God’s transformative grace. For decades they have isolated themselves from both religion and foreign countries. Only since the early 1990’s have they opened their borders to the work of the gospel. Several missionaries have introduced the gospel since that time, but the next step in growth needs to be taken. The country needs to mature in Christ and the gospel is still needed to pervade more areas of Albanian life.

  • Albania was under communist rule until 1991.
  • It is one of the poorest countries in Europe.
  • The most popular religion is Islam.
  • The majority of people are secularists.
  • 0.05% of the population identify as Evangelical Christians.
  • Christianity is on the rise, but maturity is only 20 years deep.
  • There is a need for deep theological teaching and life application of God's word.

A church in Albania, Grace Church of Tirana, has asked Faith to send a pastor who would be able to teach Biblical Counseling and someone who could help disciple their youth group, which is the exact training Matt has received at Faith Church. Dayna and Matt both never considered themselves as missionaries, or even potential missionaries, but when God gave salvation and later asks his children to serve, it doesn't matter where. His children are to respond with obedience. Both Faith Church and the Hulls agree that this is where they think God is calling them, so the plan is to move across the world this year in submission to the call of our savior and lord.

To get there the Hulls are in need of about 130 people stepping up to say that they would help by supporting financially. They need $160,000 to get to Albania and stay there for the proposed two years. In those two years Matt will train at least two biblical counselors while integrating a community relief effort with the main work force being teens and young adults in the youth group. To do this they need help and are asking for people to prayerfully consider partnering with them in their efforts to reach the needy of Albania.