Restoration Hardwoods and Sawmill is a nonprofit business that was started with the sole purpose of growing and sustaining the Restoration Men’s Residential program. 

We want men of all backgrounds and stages of life to have the opportunity to receive the help that can be found in God’s Word without putting a heavy financial burden on their families and loved ones. Meaningful hard work is a blessing and responsibility that God has charged men with, and Restoration Hardwoods and Sawmill provides an outlet for its residents to develop a God-honoring work ethic that, in turn, helps to provide financially for their training.

Right now the Men’s ministry has 1 duplex on the property that can only house 6 men at a time, but there are currently 3 more utility-ready lots on the property with 11 more lots that could be developed as the ministry grows. Restoration Hardwoods and Sawmill can help both to finance the future construction of more housing as well as save on the material costs by supplying and cutting our own lumber. God has begun an incredible work in changing the lives of men through our Restoration ministry, and we have faith that God will finish the good work He has started. 

Questions about one of our services or products listed below? Ready to place an order?


Portable Sawmill

We have a Wood-mizer LT40 which is a hydraulic, portable sawmill capable of cutting logs up to 36 inches in diameter and 20 feet long. We have used our sawmill to cut anything from load-bearing floor beams to ¼ inch wood paneling and everything in between.


  • $50 set-up fee and travel
    - $10 for within 10 mile
    - $25 for within 20 miles
    - $40 for within 30 miles
    - Further than 30 will be individually quoted
  • $75/hour
  • $30 fee for each nail or metal instance in the wood
  • Additional fee for needing help dropping, prepping trees for sawing, and stacking and sticking wood to dry
  • Stickers for stacking and drying wood can be provided at $0.30 per sticker, but we’ll need advanced notice

How to Prepare for Sawing

  • Since the price of sawing is by the hour, it is to your advantage to have the logs you want sawed, lined up and ready to go. Logs can easily be loaded onto the sawmill with the hydraulic arms of the sawmill, so if logs are all stacked in a row and easy to roll onto the arms, the amount of time in between sawing a log and getting the next loaded will be the smallest, which will save you money. 
  • Beyond prepping the logs so they are ready to be sawed, having space to stack the lumber that will be cut will be crucial for preserving the wood. All wood has to be dried after it is cut and the best way to do that is by stacking wood and putting little wooden spacers in between the wood, so that air can move around each board and dry it out. The amount of lumber, and length of lumber you have will determine how many stickers you need. But a good spacing on the stickers is at least every 2’ and I’d make them 4’ wide. 
Wood Paneling Installation

More info coming soon...

Kiln Drying

More info coming soon...


Slab Firewood
  • $40 per truck load 
  • $100 per trailer load
Wood Paneling
  • Our featured product is rough-sawn, reclaimed style wood paneling that can be used for a variety of applications. We have a variety styles, patterns, and packages featured below. 
  • Paneling can be rough-sawn or planed (additional processing fees apply for planed orders) 
  • All products will be sealed with a clear natural finish or can be stained to specifications(additional fees may apply to stained orders)
  • We can install the paneling for you or you can purchase one of our packages and install the paneling yourself
  • Dried paneling currently in stock is ¼” thick and can be cut to widths up to 4 inches 
  • Paneling can be custom cut to desired width and thickness 
  • Custom orders will need additional drying and processing time


Why use a portable sawmill service instead of buying lumber from a hardware store?

There are many benefits to employing a portable sawmill as opposed to purchasing lumber at a store:

  • It can be much more affordable to have your own logs cut into beautiful hardwood lumber instead of paying more at a big box store or lumber yard.
  • We can cut unique custom-size lumber that is not sold at stores and lumber yards.
  • You won’t have the hassle of loading, transporting, unloading, and restacking lumber since we come to you, cutting and stacking the wood so that it dries properly.
Do you provide tree removal services?
  • If you have trees that have been cut down or fallen from a storm we can quickly turn your inconvenient eyesore into neatly stacked lumber. 
  •  If you don’t need lumber, there may be trees that we are willing to haul away for free or a small fee.

Help Support the Work of Jesus

Restoration Ministries was founded to help men who are struggling with life-dominating issues to understand the truth of God’s Word and to equip them to live a disciplined life of integrity based on God’s instruction in the Bible.