Fine Arts

Faith Christian School offers a comprehensive fine arts program for students at all grade levels in the following areas:


The Music Department is committed to glorifying God and striving for excellence in developing students’ uniquely God-given talents.

FCS’s music program begins early with singing opportunities in the lower elementary grades and Beginning Band in 5th grade and up. All choirs and bands participate in Fall, Christmas, and Spring Programs; Chapels; and various other venues. They also represent FCS at various district and state solo/ensemble and organizational festivals. 


The goal of FCS’s drama program is to take students’ talents outside of the classroom.  High school students perform for elementary classes and Lafayette area senior citizens. During second semester, they focus on character development by creating a character to become at the beginning of each class. They also look at Greek and Medieval theatre to learn about theater’s roots.

Visual Arts

Students learn how to apply the elements of art and principles of design, and how to make an emotional impact on others through our artwork, whether with photography and digital manipulation, painting and drawing, or clay. FCS wants its student artists to glorify God with the use of their talents and abilities in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and film and digital photography.