Music at Faith Christian School

We believe that music is an important part of the educational process. Choirs, classes, lessons, bands, special programs and more ensure that every student at FCS has plenty of musical opportunities.

Instrumental Music

  • Beginning, Intermediate, Junior High, and Advanced Band
  • Pep Band
  • Instrumental lessons and piano lessons
  • Parades, competitions and festivals, and Purdue Band Day

Vocal Music

  • Junior High & High School Choirs
  • Faith Ministry Team
  • Senior High Chapel Worship Team
  • Group competitions (including ISSMA), festivals and special performance programs

Elementary Music Opportunities

Faith Christian School has a strong dedication to teaching music to children, beginning at age 3. We offer general music classes, twice a week, from Preschool to 6th grade. The goal of our Elementary Music classes is to produce independent, expressive, excellent musicians with a biblical view of music.

To showcase our students’ progress, we prepare and present 5 major concerts. 

  • In October, we focus on honoring our grandparents for grandparent’s day. Each class prepares a presentation for the concert, which can include drama, choir, band, and art presentations.
  • In December, our Lower Elementary (grades K-3) and Upper Elementary (grades 4-5) each present a concert on one night to celebrate Christ’s birth.
  • In May, we celebrate Spring and all that our students have accomplished with two spring concerts on one night—one by the Lower Elementary and one by the Upper Elementary. These concerts have different themes each year and they’re always fun and full of energy!

In addition to performing at concerts, our students have been able to perform in other venues as well:

  • Various school events and fundraisers
  • Ministries at community centers and assisted living homes
  • ISSMA music competition for solos, ensembles, and large groups. (5th/6th grade)
  • Fundraisers and other school events

Music Class

In our music classes we use the Gordon Music Learning Theory to teach music like we teach reading. In the lower grades we focus on listening, experiencing, and moving to music. Beginning in second grade we introduce ways that students can improvise and create their own music. When students reach third and fourth grades, they are taught how to read notes by playing the recorder in addition to other instruments. When students reach fifth grade, they are able to start on a band instrument such as Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, or Percussion.

Music class is one of the favorite parts of an FCS student's day! In music class, we sing, move, and listen. Our students are able to use many instruments and manipulative in music such as scarves, bean bags, drums, rhythm sticks, xylophones, Boomwhackers®, recorders, and a host of other instruments—some from cultures around the world. Students use these to learn to move to and express music with motion, weight, and accuracy. Giving our students opportunities to experience music helps our students to become excellent, expressive musicians. For more information, check out each grade’s specific focus.

Elementary Band

Students in the fifth grade (or new sixth grade students) are able to begin on a band instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, euphonium, or percussion).

Band is a great way for students to learn music in a “team” atmosphere. Every summer, right before school starts back up, we offer a 5th grade band camp, where we “jumpstart” our rising 5th graders in their chosen band instrument. This helps them to solidify their progress and find early success.