1st Grade

Teachers emphasize reading as an important foundation for everything else. Part of the reading is from the Bible. First graders also enjoy math, science, history, spelling, penmanship, phonics, language, PE, music, and art. They get a taste of technology, have special class events, and take fun field trips!

Biblical Foundations

Students learn Bible stories, worship God together, study a character quality every week, and memorize a weekly Bible verse to go along with their lessons.

Curriculum Overview

Math: Learn number sense, addition, subtraction, graphing, spatial sense and patterns, operations and measurements, two-digit addition and subtraction, and measurement

Bible: Learn about Creation, Noah, Jesus as a boy, Jesus the Savior, and the miracles of Jesus; and look at Friends, Children, God’s Special Promises and Special Blessings

Phonics: Learn over 100 special sounds to instill great reading skills

Spelling: Focus throughout the year on words that contain special sounds

Penmanship: Learn pre-cursive letters to be ready for cursive in 2ndgrade

Language: Write sentences with uppercase and periods, basic word formations, punctuation rules, comprehension skills, and oral reading

History: “Travel” around the U.S. and then to other countries to learn about their cultures

Science: Discover animals, insects, plants, seasons, and toys

PE, music, and art: Weekly classes in each

Technology Use

The curriculum uses a variety of technology tools to enhance lesson activities. Classes try out the projector and document camera daily, use a Smart Board to improve and expand on concepts, and visit the computer lab weekly.

Special Activities

Student of the Week, Color Chart Fun Days, Tee Pee Fun, making Christmas cookies, Teddy Bear Sleepover, Christmas Play for parents, Author Studies, Thanksgiving dress-up feast, Apple Orchard field trip, Apple Day, Rodeo Days, and the End-of the-Year Park Day

Extracurricular Opportunities

Private piano lessons

Parental Involvement Opportunities

Parents are welcome to assist in the classroom for special class events, parties, or to help out.

Our 1st Grade Teachers

Debbie Grass


1st grade teacher - Faith Christian School


B.S., Bethel College
Started at FCS in 2004
Attends Faith Church

Barb Boyer


1st grade teacher, assistant coach for varsity girls soccer - Faith Christian School


B.S., Marion College (now Indiana Wesleyan University)
Started at FCS in 2002
Attends Faith Church