2nd Grade

One of the best things about Second Grade is that kids still think of themselves as part of a family. The teacher seeks to protect, affirm, admonish, and help second grade students build on the foundations they have built in Kindergarten and First Grade. The teacher’s goal for the students is that they will “grow in wisdom, stature and favor with God and man.”

Biblical Foundations

The Bible study centers on “Heroes of the Faith.” Students spend two or three weeks studying a person such as Moses, Joshua, Job, Esther, Ruth, and David. They learn Scripture memory verses that help them apply life lessons to their lives.

Curriculum Overview

Math: 2nd grade Math builds upon skills learned the year before – addition and subtraction facts, learning to borrow and carry up to three digits, time, money, measurements skills, graphing, place value and reasoning skills. Being able to “think outside the box” is a skill students need to develop early.

Bible: “Heroes of the Faith” (see above).

English: Students continue to develop formal English skills, learn how to make writing attractive and inviting, and improve grammar skills. This is the last year for formal phonics at the elementary level, so students fine-tune these skills to be ready for the reading expected in 3rdgrade. Spelling, speaking, and writing are integral to what students learn this year.

Reading: Build reading skills by using the regular reader and reading a novel together.

Penmanship: Learn cursive writing.

Writing: Begin writing composition.

History: Focus on the settlement of the U.S., as well as on Black History Month. Perform Thanksgiving skits and plays, and discuss current events.

Science: Enrichment reading, with projects to make the subject friendlier. A Leaf Collection in the fall and an Animal Habitat project in the spring help the children enjoy these subjects and build excitement for the next year.

PE, library, vocal music, and art: Weekly classes in each of these areas. In Music, students prepare Christmas and Spring vocal programs. They work toward having “art shows” in Art. PE time builds strong bodies, good sportsmanship, and teamwork. Students also visit the library and learn library skills.

Technology Use

Each classroom has a projector and document camera to use. The teacher uses the Discovery Learning Site and other web material to support the curriculum, including Think Central for Math and Study Island for English skills. These two sites also help with those who may struggle in these areas. The second grade also has a weekly computer time to encourage children in areas they regularly work on.

Special Activities

The “big” projects in Second Grade are the Leaf Collection in the fall and the Animal Habitat project in the spring. Students also study special animal units and a special activity called Safari Days, where the room becomes a “jungle” and students learn more about the animals God created. Second grade has other special days as often as possible, such as Pajama Day, Green Eggs and Ham Day, Homemade Bread Day, and Bubble Wrap Day. Anytime they can have a mini-party/celebration to break up the day, they celebrate!

Extracurricular Opportunities

Piano and violin lessons are available on-site for those interested.

Parental involvement Opportunities

Parents, grandparents and interested friends are welcome to visit the 2ndgrade. They may help with reading groups, math remediation, projects, and many other opportunities – just contact the teacher.

Extra Help

What if my child struggles with a subject or school- and learning-related skills? The teacher teams classmates to strengthen those who struggle, sets up tutor sessions and/or teams with a parent to find the best way to encourage children who may struggle in class. Former students and those in the National Honor Society are also available to assist with tutoring. We also coordinate with Greater Lafayette Special Services (GLASS) to provide extra help that some students may need.

Advanced Help

What if my child is advanced in a subject? After the expected work has been accomplished, the teacher works with parents to come up with a plan to challenge or excite the advanced student in the areas in which they excel. These students can also help others in class.

Our 2nd Grade Teachers

Allison Grass


2nd grade teacher - Faith Christian School


B.S. Education, Human Development/Early Childhood and Interdisciplinary Studies from Lee University

Started at FCS in 2016
Attends Faith Church

Jessica Gregg


2nd grade teacher - Faith Christian School


B.S., Elementary Education & Bible, Baptist Bible College
Started at FCS in 2010

Attends Faith Church