3rd Grade

Third Grade is famous for its annual Wax Museum with historical characters whom the students learn about throughout the spring semester. They display journals and a 3-D object from each character’s life, and even "become" a wax figure!

Special Activities

The class does many exciting activities to go along with history studies. They visit Prophetstown State Park in the spring to tie in with their study of Native Americans and early Indiana settlers. They also study various history units and "live out" history in class. The classroom is sometimes shaped as a ship, fort, or even set up as the North and South during the "Civil War." The semester culminates with a Wax Museum of historical figures the students have learned about.

Third graders learn about many things God created. They're able to see that clearly when they work on an Animal Notebook for the fall semester. Third grade learning is fun! Sometimes that means working in groups, playing a game, or even doing a project away from their desks.

In Science, a weekly "science guy" visits the class to do an experiment. Students also create an Animal Notebook and share it at the Annual Animal Notebook Celebration in the fall.

Technology Use

The school owns a Smart Board which each teacher is able to schedule for her classroom, and students are also able to work regularly in the computer lab. Teachers all use projectors and document cameras to aid in their teaching. The school has purchased subscriptions to various educational websites for student use, such as Study Island and Think Central.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Third Grade students are very involved in music lessons. Parents may also enroll their child in piano, guitar, and violin lessons during or after school.

Parental Involvement Opportunities

Many parent volunteers help on special days, field trips, read a-louds, and with daily activities. The teacher is happy to have any parent volunteer in the classroom.

Our 3rd Grade Teachers

Denise Fox


Third Grade Teacher, Jr. High Volleyball Coach - Faith Christian School


B.S., Elementary Education, Georgetown College
Started at FCS in 2000
Attends Faith Church

Tara Merkel


3rd grade teacher - Faith Christian School


B.A. Elementary Education, Purdue University
Started at FCS in 2017
Attends Faith Church