4th Grade

Fourth Grade enjoys great "hands-on" learning activities—from visiting the Indiana State House to see firsthand how the government works to having a local general surgeon bring cow parts to the classroom during the body systems unit.

Biblical Foundations

Aside from having daily Bible class and chapel, one example of Biblical integration is reading "Word of Honor" during Reading class. The class discusses what God has to say about giving one's word, honesty, repentance, confession, and forgiveness.

Curriculum Overview

Bible: study basic Bible doctrines

Reading: emphasize comprehension and important reading skills through oral and silent reading

English: learn parts of speech, write paragraphs and essays, use dictionaries & encyclopedias, practice diagramming

Spelling: recognize and correctly spell commonly misspelled words

Math: learn basic computation, algebra, fractions, measurement, hands-on work, and participate in a team math competition

History: study Indiana before and after it became a state

Science: learn about cells, body systems, electricity, and simple machines

Technology Use

Fourth grade has computer time 3-5 times per week depending on the current year's schedule. Students learn keyboarding through a web-based program. Students use websites that reinforce class subjects as well as thinking and strategy skills.

Relationships & Friendships

FCS's goal is to provide a safe learning environment in classrooms as well as throughout the school. Teachers stress kindness and caring for others. Teasing, etc., is considered bullying and is taken very seriously.

Parental Involvement Opportunities

Parents are welcome to observe in the classroom at any time. There are also opportunities to volunteer in the classroom—reading to the class, helping with special projects, assisting with computer class, aiding the teachers by copying papers or other tasks, and accompanying the class on field trips.

Our 4th Grade Teachers

Jane Hicks


4th grade teacher - Faith Christian School


BRE, Religious Education (Elementary Education), Baptist Bible College
MSCSE (MS of Christian School Education), Baptist Bible College
Started at FCS in 2002
Attends Kossuth St. Baptist Church

Heather Watts


4th Grade Teacher - Faith Christian School


B.S., Elementary Education, Taylor University
Started at FCS in 2015
Attends Faith Church