5th Grade

Fifth Grade continues the transition from the lower elementary grades to junior high preparation, challenging the students to grow spiritually, academically, relationally and physically.

Biblical Foundations

Fifth graders begin the day by focusing on God as they pray to Him and pledge the American flag, Christian flag, and the Bible. Daily Bible class allows the students to apply practical lessons from the Old Testament to their daily lives. Christian textbooks in the subjects of reading, history, and science do a wonderful job of integrating the Creator and His plan into everyday studies. The Bible is used for teaching and training as students strive daily to become more like Christ.

Curriculum Overview

English: As well as providing a thorough review of capitalization, punctuation, and the parts of speech, the English curriculum deepens the students' knowledge of grammar and increases their practical skills in the area of writing.

Math: The math program is a comprehensive approach to teach and reinforce fifth grade skills. It is closely correlated with the Indiana math standards.

Spelling: The spelling book for fifth grade focuses on strategies for spelling some of the most commonly used words in the English language.

Bible: The Bible curriculum involves an overview of the Old Testament, an in-depth study of the lives of various Bible characters, and choices (whether good or bad) made by these characters which serve as examples for students as they make their own choices.

History: The history curriculum presents the history and geography of North and South America from a Christian perspective, including both the Native American and European heritage of the New World.

Reading: A variety of literature is used to teach not only reading but also Christian character and development. The major emphasis of the reading program is on comprehension skills. Many structural skills and study skills are presented.

Science: Students learn about Creator God as they study plants, animals, matter, energy, light, minerals, and other topics from a Biblical worldview.

Technology Use

The fifth grade visits the computer lab several times a week and use various websites to review skills, research topics, practice spelling words, do puzzle/critical thinking activities, etc. Within the classroom, technology such as the Elmo and projector are used in conjunction with websites such as Discovery Education and Think Central to enhance daily lessons.

Special Activities

Fifth graders complete several enjoyable educational projects throughout the year, including an insect collection, a healthy restaurant menu, several book reports, and an invention for the annual “Fifth Grade Invention Convention.” They take a field trip to Purdue University for “Insectaganza,” a day of activities presented by the Entomology Department specifically for fifth graders in Tippecanoe County. A spring field trip to the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art in Indianapolis relates nicely to the U.S. history curriculum. Students also participate in a special week-long Bible unit in February, when the boys study servant leadership with Mr. Grass and the girls learn about godly friendships with Mrs. Pherson.

Relationships & Friendships

Students and teachers are encouraged to love others, build others up, and regard others as more important than themselves, as commanded in verses such as Philippians 2:3 and Ephesians 4:29. The goal is to show God’s love to others!

Extracurricular Opportunities

Fifth graders have the opportunity to join Beginning Band, which meets during the school day three times a week. After-school activities include volleyball and basketball for girls and basketball and wrestling for boys.

Parental Involvement Opportunities

Parental help in the classroom is always welcome! Weekly classroom newsletters, email updates, and assignment books keep parents well informed about what is happening in the fifth grade, and the teacher is always available to discuss any questions or concerns.

Our 5th Grade Teachers

Craig Merkel


5th grade teacher - Faith Christian School


B.S. Industrial Technology, Purdue University

Started at FCS in 2018

Attends Faith Church

Marissa Martindale


- Faith Christian School