Students are taught from the Bible what God expects from us, to seek God, put forth good effort, and do their best. Kindergarten students enter first grade reading short sentences; some even enter reading short chapters! We have fun while learning and involve families as partners to make learning successful.

A Day in Kindergarten at Faith

A Morning in Kindergarten

  • Minds-In-Motion
  • Bible Lesson
  • Phonics Lesson
  • Recess
  • Snack
  • Handwriting
  • Math Lesson
  • Half Day Students Dismissed

An Afternoon in Kindergarten

  • Lunch
  • Read and Review
  • Literacy Centers
  • Science
  • Recess
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Making Words Lesson
  • Full Day Students Dismissed
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Biblical Foundations

We teach Biblical foundations to the students on a daily basis. We continue to review Bible lessons and apply them to life situations. Teachers also reference the Bible when speaking with individuals or small groups of students. We understand that there are a variety of churches represented in our school. Our goal is to honor our Lord and support what the Bible instructs.


Our curriculum meets and exceeds the Indiana Common Core State criteria. We've focused our curriculum on the fundamentals: Bible, Phonics, Handwriting, and Math.

  • Bible: Weekly Bible verses, daily Bible story and activity, building godly character, and weekly chapel.
  • Phonics: Abeka Book guides our students through letter identification and sounds, interactive activities, and basic reading skills.
  • Handwriting: Model and teach correct pencil grasp, letter and number formation, and pre-cursive handwriting.
  • Math: McGraw-Hill and My Math introduce students to the world of mathematics through a variety of learning techniques.


The first activity the students engage in each morning is Minds-in-Motion: they move their whole bodies to explore the world, express feelings, and act out their ideas. It gets their brains ready to learn!

Research shows that, through the use of kinesthetic movements, the lessons in the classroom become more tangible, accessible, and memorable for the students. In the words of neurophysiologist Dr. Carla Hannaford, "Movement anchors thought.”


We use technology throughout our curriculum. A variety of technology tools are used to enhance lesson activities. We also use a Smartboard to improve and expand on concepts. We also use educational websites like, Primary Math Games, and Discovery Education.

Relationships & Friendships

The teachers sincerely care for each student. It is important to use the Bible as our main focus in teaching students to develop and maintain friendships. It is a privilege to share God’s word with students and be able to apply Bible verses to life situations.

Parental Involvement Opportunities

Parents are welcome to assist in the classroom for special class events, parties, or just help out.

About Our Kindergarten Teachers

Trent Herron


Kindergarten teacher, varsity girls' volleyball coach - Faith Christian School


B.S., Elementary Education, Northland International University
Started at FCS in 2008
Attends Faith Church

Amanda McQueen


Kindergarten Teacher - Faith Christian School


BS, Family Relations and Early Childhood Education, Kentucky State University
Master’s Degree of Education, Indiana Wesleyan University
Started at FCS in 2007
Attends Faith Church