Bible Department

Faith Christian School accepts the Bible as the Word of God—the only absolutely true, complete, written, special revelation of God to man.  The Bible defines who God is, who man is, and the roles of man and creation in relationship with God and each other.  We recognize, also, that Christ through his ultimate sacrifice on the cross is the very foundation of every aspect of education and the choices we make from day to day.  Therefore, it is our goal that students will personally choose to make the Bible their ultimate source of truth and determiner of their worldview.  

The Bible department at Faith Christian School will glorify God by providing Bible classes and instructors that will make the Word of God accessible, applicable, and attractive to all students.  By doing so, we will work to strengthen the desire and ability of every student to personally know and follow Christ and be transformed more and more into His likeness.  This will be accomplished, in part, through Bible-based teaching from age-appropriate curriculum and serving opportunities that cultivate the attitude of serving God and others instead of self. 

Our Bible Department Goals:

  • To recognize God’s Word is Truth.
  • To use God’s Word to understand Who God is, who man is, and what Christ did.
  • To choose Christ as their personal savior.
  • To choose God’s Truth to effectively live out what is right in daily living.
  • To recognize God's plan and mission for their life