Math Department

A multi-track mathematics program allows Faith Christian School to meet the math instruction needs of a wide variety of students. Incoming 7th graders are evaluated and placed into either General Math or Pre-Algebra, according to their math readiness. All students take Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. Students are then placed in either the standard track (Discrete Mathematics, Precalculus) or the Calculus track (Precalculus, AP Calculus AB).

FCS seeks to teach students that math is an important part of God’s creation and show how He has incorporated math into every part of His created universe. Students grow in problem-solving skills and learn to apply advanced data analysis techniques to solve problems, including experimentation and inductive reasoning. They will use appropriate math tools in each class, and learn to apply mathematical skills and make meaningful connections to life's experiences.

Math Faculty

Clayton Callan

B.S., Math Education, Maranatha Bible College
Started FCS in 2003
Attends Faith Church

Niki Jones

B.S. Math Education Maranatha Baptist University 

Started at FCS in 2016 

Attends Faith Church

Joe Dunbar

B.S., Mathematics and Physics, New Mexico Tech
M.S., Physics, New Mexico Tech
Started at FCS in 2015
Attends Faith Church

Hannah Bowers

B.A., Elementary Education/Middle School Mathematics Endorsement, Bethel College
Started at FCS in 2015
Attends Faith Church