Science Department

Junior High students take Life Science and Earth Science in order to prepare them for the exciting choices of higher-level High School science.

Students in 9th grade study biology, and then will choose different science tracks in 10th-12th grades. Our general science curriculum includes Chemistry, Earth Science, and Integrated Chemistry & Physics. Rigorous courses in Honors Chemistry, Advanced Placement Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, and Physics are offered for students preparing for the demands of further science study in college. All of our courses are grounded in the belief that God is the Sovereign Creator.

Science Faculty

Nicole Hume

B.S., Chemistry, University of Southern Indiana; PhD, Chemistry, M.S., Chemistry, Purdue University
Started at FCS in 2000
Co-leads Faith Church's Middle School student ministry program, "Journey", with husband Jason.
Attends Faith Church 

Bill Bolander

B.S., Business with a minor in computer science, Ball State University
Started at FCS in 2002
Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, and his Neighborhood Association 
Attends Kossuth Street Baptist Church

Joe Dunbar

B.S., Mathematics and Physics, New Mexico Tech
M.S., Physics, New Mexico Tech
Started at FCS in 2015
Attends Faith Church

Kyra Hoek

B.A. Elementary Education, Dordt College 
Started at FCS in 2016

Attends Faith Church

Andrew Reich

B.A. Secondary Education -Biological Sciences
Started FCS in 2016

Attends Faith Church