Before & After School Care

If you have before/after school commitments, we can help provide care for your children in a safe and supervised environment. Feel free to drop us a line at if you have any questions.

Grades K5-5th


Before/After School Care Fees for Grades K5-5th will be billed separately on the September-May monthly statements. 

Daily & 4-Week Billing Options

Daily Rates

Before School Care

  • $1.00/student per day

After School Care 

Charges begin at 3:45 pm

  • Picked up by 5:00 pm - $3.50 per student
  • Picked up by 6:00 pm - $5.50 per student

4-Week Period Rates

Before School Care

Before School Care opens at 7:00 am.  Elementary students arriving between 7:00 – 7:30 am should go directly to the short hallway just off the north door of the gym.  6th-12th grade students who arrive early should report to the school gym.  For families that regularly use the Before School Care program, the maximum charge in a four week period will be $12.00/month per student (no charge for students arriving after 7:30 am, including our NEW “Late Start Tuesday” which is the last Tuesday of each month). 

After School Care

For families that regularly use the After School Care program, the maximum charge in a four week period will be $70.00/month for 1 child, or $100.00/month per family.

Late Charges

$5.00 per child for each five minutes late after 6:00 pm

Non-School Days

On non-school days (Snow days, Holidays, Counseling Conference, etc.) we will not have any extended care provided (K5-5th).  You will need to make other arrangements for your child. 

In the event of a school delay, not a closing, you may still bring your child to Before School Care at the regular time.

Grades 6th-8th

Before School Option

6th-12th grade students who arrive early should report to the school gym. 

After School Options

All students in 6th- 8th Grade must wait for their after school ride in front of the school office until 3:45pm.  At 3:45pm, any remaining 6th-8th Grade students must report to the Homework Room, which is available until 4:30pm.  Those students who know their ride will not arrive by 3:45pm must report to the Homework Room by 3:30pm. 

 There will be a daily charge for the Homework Room of $1.00/student that will be billed to your account.  Faith Christian School may change this after school option in the future should the need arise. 

 Middle School students will not be allowed at the Community Center after school unless a parent/guardian accompanies them, unless a 9th-12th grade sibling with a signed permission form on file at the school accompanies them, or unless they are under the supervision of an FCS coach.

If a high school student takes a middle school sibling to the Community Center after school:

  • the high school student is responsible for the middle school sibling(s) while at the Community Center.  This includes practices and regular times at the Community Center.  Students should conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the FCS philosophy. 
  • backpacks, bags, and personal belongings are the student’s individual responsibility and should be kept with the student at all times.  The Community Center and the school are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  Any items left unattended may be placed in the Community Center’s lost-and-found, and the student will need to pay a fee to redeem it. 

We have developed the 3 S’s of the Community Center focus for Middle School parents and students:

  1. Safety-We want the students to be safe.
  2. Supervised-We want the students to be supervised directly.
  3. Service-We want the atmosphere at the Community Center to be conducive to serving our community. 

In an effort to work in coordination with our Community Ministries, we have developed these guidelines for our Middle School students and families. We understand that there may be various instances that arise that would be unique and unforeseen. Please communicate with the school administration should such instances arise.  Our goal is to work with families as well as to serve others effectively.