Forms & Requirements


IHSSA Physical Form (PDF)

Sports Eligibility Requirements

Academic Requirements

Only eligible students may participate in inter-scholastic athletics. A "C" average with no "F's" or "I's" (Incomplete) must be maintained. Grades will be checked at mid-term (progress report) and end (report card) of each grading period. Students who become ineligible for extra-curricular activities will remain so until the progress report for the next marking period, or until the student is passing the failed subject. At least one game must be missed if this occurs.

Conduct Requirements

At Faith Christian School, we recognize that young men and women come to our school at different levels of spiritual growth. The requirements to attend school are simple. A person must know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and be willing to obey the school's rules and follow its direction with a good spirit.

Admittedly, many that meet these simple requirements and are therefore brought into the school are still young in the Lord. We seek to be very patient with them as we all "Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..." (II Peter 3:18). However, for those who seek to serve in leadership positions at our school, we ask them to affirm their commitment to our leadership standards.

Recognizing the Biblical truth of the power of one's example, the student will strive to:

In his/her personal life...

  • Study the Scriptures faithfully and apply them carefully to my daily life.
  • Maintain a disciplined prayer life.
  • Seek to grow in personal holiness and maintain a good testimony both inside and outside of our school.
  • Seek to be conformed to Christ and not to the world.

In his/her church...

  • Attend the services faithfully.
  • Communicate quickly and Biblically about problems and concerns.
  • Joyfully follow the leadership of our teachers and administrators.