Track 1 Notes
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All Track 1 Notes (in order of the schedule)

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Biblical Parenting #1 - Common Ground

Biblical Parenting #2 - Teaching

Biblical Parenting #3 - Discipline

Biblical Principles of Sex

Counseling People with a Medical Illness

Counseling People with a Psychological Diagnosis

Four Rules of Communication #1

Four Rules of Communication #2 Things to Say to Defuse an Argument

Four Rules of Communication #3 Conference Table

God's Basic Truths Regarding Marriage

Guilt and Repentance #1 Lecture Handout

Guilt and Repentance #2 Conscience Chart

Helping Those Suffering with Depression

How to Handle Anger Biblically

Issues in Counseling Philosophies

Key Elements #1 Lecture Notes for 1 through 6

Key Elements #2 Handout Basic Information Sheet

Key Elements #3 Handout Personal Data Inventory

Key Elements #4 Handout Journal of Upsets

Ministering to Parents with a Prodigal Children

Organizing Data #1 Lecture Notes

Organizing Data #2 Handout

Overcoming Sinful Worry and Fear

The Doctrine of Progressive Sanctification

The Goal and Qualifications of Biblical Counseling

The Husband's Role #1 Lecture Notes

The Husband's Role #2 Handout 50 Questions to Ask Your Wife

The Husband's Role #3 Handout Ways a Husband May Express Love to His Wife

The Wife's Role #1 Lecture Notes

The Wife's Role #2 Handout Practical Ways to Show Love to Your Husband

Trials and Suffering

Understanding and Overcoming Sexual Sin

Understanding Biblical Forgiveness

Understanding the Heart #1 Lecture Handout

Understanding the Heart #2 Diagrams

What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical #1 Lecture Handout

What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical #2 Handout

Why Counsel?