VIRTUAL Regional Conference Tracks

Track 1 - Foundations

Track 1 lays the foundation of biblical counseling principles and practices. Because its focus is on the definition of biblical counseling, how to do biblical counseling, and the most common counseling subjects, such as marriage and family matters, we ask that this track be taken first. This track is required for ACBC certification.

Topics include:

  • Key elements of biblical counseling
  • What makes biblical counseling biblical
  • Comparison of counseling philosophies
  • Doctrine of spiritual growth
  • Marriage roles and parenting
  • Rules of communication
  • Depression
  • Forgiveness
  • Anger, fear, and worry
  • Video case observation
Track 2 - Adding the Structure I

Tracks 2 begins to add the structure to the foundation built in Track 1, covering a wide range of subjects and concerns. Track 2 builds on Track 1 to further develop the all-important counseling framework.

Topics include:

  • Chemical Imbalances, Genetics, and Hormones
  • Freedom from Life Dominating Sins
  • Cross Cultural Principles to Consider in Counseling
  • Introduction to Counseling Children
  • Helping Blended Families be Successful
  • Helping Singles Glorify God
  • Pornography
  • Abused as a Child, Suffering as an Adult
  • Children of Divorce
  • Reflecting Christ to an Unsaved Spouse
  • Teaching Counselees to Walk by the Spirit