Heather Starkweather

L.S.W. - Social Work / Family Science, Anderson University, 1992
Level 1 Certification, Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, 2009

Heather Starkweather has been on staff at Faith since 2006.  She began her employment with Vision of Hope in December 2007.  She has experience assisting several of the pastors at Faith in their administrative duties and providing  office assistance with projects.  She also has worked with a local school system meeting the needs of their students with learning disabilities and special needs and providing assistance in the computer lab.  

Heather is involved in the intake process for each new resident.  She also cares for the social services needs of each resident during their entire stay  at Vision of Hope.  She coordinates the education, health, and goal oversight for all residents. Heather supervises the residents on Mondays and Tuesdays. She is the lead counselor for 3-6 residents.