Helping Women Looking for Hope
Vision of Hope
Find Permanent and Lasting Change through Christ

Vision of Hope recognizes the worth and sanctity of human life by ministering to women ages 14 and over needing hope and help as they face life-altering challenges. 

Alexandra's Story

"What I loved and worshipped the most was myself. And the person who I was, I didn’t see. I wanted to be an inspiration to others, but all I was a girl who was never thin enough, never beautiful enough, never happy enough, never spiritual enough, never strong enough, and always striving towards my definition of perfection."

Affordable Care
Making Help Accessible to All Women

Too many times ladies who need help find the cost of treatment prohibitive, and thus delay working through the situations in their life to the extent that is required for true victory and freedom from sin.

We are pleased to be able to offer residential treatment at a cost that is not financially burdensome to either residents or their families. There are no program fees for classes, group counseling, individual counseling, family reconciliation, life skills training, or any other component of the help received.

Girls and/or their families are asked to contribute toward room and board costs during their stay. They are also urged to be sacrificially involved in two main fundraising events each year, Race for Hope and Tribute To Hope Fundraising Banquet. Additionally, residents will also regularly serve and build job skills at Vision of Hope's up-cycling retail shop, Reclaimed Hope, LLC.

Because we are able to offer this program at no cost beside room and board, women have the ability to stay as long as needed.


Our women’s center is located in Lafayette, IN, near the Faith gym.

5652 Mercy Way
Lafayette, IN 47905

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