Helping Those in Need.
Training Those Who Want to Help.
Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries

We believe that God’s Word, the Bible, is sufficient to resolve life’s most challenging situations and questions. Since 1977 we’ve used God’s word to help those most in need, and to train those who want to learn to help others.

Free Counseling

We understand that there are times in life where you just need a helping hand. In fact, many people are doing very well in some parts of their life while struggling in others. Now might be the time when you need someone to come alongside and encourage you from the Bible.

Counseling Training

Faith’s internationally respected Biblical Counseling training programs are accessible and available to any who seek to learn more about biblical counseling. From our national counseling conference, to 4 virtual conferences throughout the year, to an 11-week Monday training class, to regional conferences around the country, to attaining a master's in biblical counseling—we want to help you meet your Biblical Counseling education goals.

Trusted Counseling Resources

We’ve taken the time to carefully curate a set of counseling resources that we recommend to those interested in becoming counselors, and those seeking help. Our staff has also published a number of books and pamphlets that you’ll notice throughout the library.