Counseling Resources
Our Carefully Vetted Collection of Counseling Resources

We've scoured all available sources to bring you only the very best materials on Bible-based counseling. In addition to what's in our library and online bookstore, our Faith Resources site includes over 1,000 resources, including lessons and sermons covering counseling-related topics, along with a topical index and a short list of our top recommendations for each topic.

Faith Authors

Faith Authors have published a number of books and minibooks addressing a wide range of counseling issues.

Dr. Amy Baker
Dr. Rob Green
Dr. Charles Hodges
Rita Jamison
Beverly Moore
Jonathan Smith
Dr. Craig Svensson
Dr. Steve Viars
Jocelyn Wallace
Dr. Dan Wickert
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FBCM Live!

Check out our FBCM Live! videos on our Facebook page. Practical teaching in a short format on various biblical counseling issues.

Click on the link below and then scroll down to the "FBCM Live!" playlist.

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