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Stay Active and Fit
Gym and Fitness Centers

Enjoy our modern facilities, indoor pool (at our Northend location), and fitness classes for anyone in our community. Affordable memberships and member childcare make it easy for our East, West or Northend gyms to be a part of your daily routine.

Classes & Training

Our fitness classes are lead by experienced instructors, ready to motivate and keep you moving.

More About Classes and Training

"I am in the best shape I have ever been in in my life. I lost 147 pounds, I’m no longer a diabetic and my cholesterol and blood pressure problems have disappeared. I look forward to the gym each and every day."
- Ryan Martinez

"The community center is a great place for all ages...everybody in my family absolutely loved it. I would definitely like to go back!"
- Zofia Anselm

"The Faith fitness centers have very affordable membership rates. The facility is always very clean and the staff is friendly."
- Caitlin Stroup-Wright

Membership Benefits

  • Full access to our East, West and Northend gym facilities.
  • Free childcare while you work out (East and West).
  • Free fitness classes.
  • Full access to our Northend center's indoor pool.
  • Pay month-to-month (or annually) and cancel at any time.

Open Gym Schedule

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Leagues and Camps