Jill Spencer


Sunrise HIIT Instructor - Faith West


My mother is my health and fitness inspiration – it was our lifestyle while growing up. My mom was one of the first certified Aerobics Fitness Instructors in the 1970’s. Like her, I want to make a difference and be a fitness mentor. You don’t have to be an athlete, you don’t have to have rhythm - all you need is determination to make a lifestyle change and commit to it.
Giving encouragement to others, no matter what age - find a fitness regime. Age is just a number, not an excuse. And I love it when I see some one gets “hooked” and sees how their fitness focus is a positive change physically, mentally and emotionally. Fitness is about staying young at heart, improving self-esteem, confidence and a mainstay lifestyle! Jill is a Purdue University graduate and certified as a Tabata instructor.