Green Bay Parking Options

Here is a map of the Downtown parking options for you to consider.

The Adams Street Parking Lot (Option #1 on the map) is your closest option.  However, it is going to fill up quickly. Option #2 is the Cherry Street Parking Ramp.  It's located across the Adams Street Parking Lot to our building. It's the next closest  option. Pine Street Ramp (Option #3 on the map) is always an option. It's the furthest  away, but will definitely have spots. Street parking is always available as well. 

Parking is free on the weekend in the lots, ramps, and streets. Monday through  Friday, parking is $.75-$1.00 an hour from Bam to 6pm. You can pay for parking in  the meters, at parking kiosks, and parking ramp entrances. In addition, there's an  app called "Passport Parking" that will be helpful during the week for parking  payment.