Track 1: Instructions & Information

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This virtual conference consists of interacting in a live video conferencing format as well as watching prerecorded videos. Before your first session you should:

  • Review the Track 1 Schedule
  • Read through these instructions on how to utilize Microsoft Teams
  • Familiarize yourself with the Student Resources | Online Store | Additional Files section below.

Please Note: each weekend's session will be available for on-demand viewing until the start of the next session, and the last weekend will be available through midnight on 6/20.

Click on the button below to join the Live sessions listed on the track schedule using Microsoft Teams.

Tutorial Videos

Student Resources | Online Store | Additional Files

Student Notes & Video

Student Notes

Live & On-Demand Video

On each of the following pages you will find the link for the live video sessions, and the on-demand videos will be embedded on the page. Please note that if you click on one of these links before the page opens or after it closes, you will get a 404 "Page not found" error.

Faith Resources Online Store
  • View the Spring 2021 Virtual Conference Specials. To purchase any item, simply click on on that item to view/purchase it in our online store.
  • Or visit our Faith Resources online store to order many other biblical counseling related resources.
  • Be sure to use coupon code ‘virtual2021’ to get free shipping on orders over $7.99.
Additional Files