Guidance and Decision Making

Janet Aucoin December 11, 2018

How is the Spirit related to guidance and decision-making?

A.Biblical decision-making

1. Prerequisites

a. Lifestyle of walking in the Spirit

Luke 9:23

Psalm 66:18

James 1:5-7

Swavely: “The occurrence of sin in our lives is not enough to stifle God’s leading, but if we hold on to it, cherish it, and fail to confess and forsake it, we cannot expect to receive his wisdom.”

Swavely: “God’s guidance is dependent upon your commitment to obedience. It is hypocrisy to ask God to help you make a decision when you have already decided what you are going to do, regardless of what he says. It is rebellion to say that you will only accept God’s leading if you can approve of the path he has chosen for you.”

b. Mindset that recognizes God’s sovereignty

Swavely: “…as you face each choice in life, you must acknowledge and accept the fact that God is sovereign, or in control, of the options you have, the way you end up going, and the results and ramifications of your decisions.

c. Prayerful life

Praying for God’s wisdom and to recognize His providence

Wisdom is never divorced from the Word.


2.Process of biblical decision-making

a. Scripture: What does the Bible say about it?

1) Direct biblical commands

1 Sam 15:22-23

2) Pertinent biblical principles

What are my motives?

Matt 6:5-6

Is my conscience clear?

Rom 14:22-23

b. Wisdom: What is the wisest choice?

1 Cor 10:23-24

James 1:5

Prov 12:15

c. What do I want to do?

1 Cor 7:39

Eccl 11:9

Rom 14:1-6

B.Promptings or impressions – what is their role


Decisions, Decisions, Dave Swavely

Systematic Theology books: Berkhof and Erickson


(includes neutral and positive evidences of the work of the Spirit), Michael Coughlin

https://www.compellingtruth.or...,, Tim Challies

Questions to Ask Yourself When Making a Decision

1.Does God give a direct command for it or against it? Exodus 20:1-17, 1 Sam 15:22-23

2.Will I be pleasing God/bringing Him glory? 2 Cor 5:9, 1 Cor 10:31, Gen 1:26 – represent God well

3.Will I be obeying or disobeying my parents? Eph 6:1

4.Will it help or hinder my testimony for Christ? Matt 5:13-14

5.What might be the future ramifications of this decision? Does this have eternal value? 2 Cor 5

6. Will this decision benefit others? Rom 14:13, Phil 2:3-4, 1 Cor 8-9, 1 Cor 10:23-24

7.Will this help me grow spiritually? Psalm 1:3, 2 Pet 3:18

8. Am I in question or doubt? Will my conscience allow it? 1 Tim 1:19, Heb 13:18, Gal 2:20, Rom 14:23

9.Would I participate in this if Jesus were physically standing here? Psalm 139

10.Is this the best use of my time? Eph 5:16

11.Have I sought advice/counsel in making this decision? Prov 11:14, Prov 12:1

Janet Aucoin


Janet is the Director of Women's Ministry at Faith Church (Lafayette, IN); Host of the Joyful Journey Podcast (helping women learn that when you choose truth you choose joy); ACBC certified; teacher in Faith Community Institute; Coordinator of FBS seminary wives fellowship, retreat and conference speaker; B.S. Human Resources, University of South Florida.