Senior Living Community


Photos from Phase 1 of the Senior Living Community


Faith Church is committed to serving its seniors. One of the more tangible expressions of that commitment is the Senior Living Community being built in 2 phases. Phase 1 is complete and included the construction of the first eight homes and the clubhouse. Phase 2 - completely dependent on future funding and therefore on an indeterminate schedule - will include the construction of approximately 42 additional homes (view the architectural site plan).


  • Quality homes at reasonable prices
    • Units: 3 plans to choose from (see the blueprints
    • Pricing: $130,000 (unit #2) or $140,000 (units #1 and #3)
  • The cost of the land and development is covered by Faith Church and will not be passed on to Faith's Senior Living Community Residents
    • The approximate cost and value of the construction of roads and sidewalks, a drainage system, utility lines, and community clubhouse was around $600,000.
    • This is cost is being covered by the congregation of Faith Church to convey their love for each of our senior citizens and their desire to make our seniors' later years as joyful and productive as possible.
  • Some routine maintenance will be provided free of charge:
    • Lawn maintenance
    • Snow removal


Following are several resources that delineate the scope and structure of the Senior Living Community.

Click on a header to see its contents revealed:

Intro & Overview (Audio Recording) →

On 4/24/2014 Pastor Steve Viars met with interested seniors and provided the first public explanation of how the Senior Living Community is going to be financed, structured and administered. Each of the following documents are covered in detail by Pastor Viars in this presentation.

Listen to the Presentation

Depending on how your browser is set up, clicking on the "Listen to the Presentation" button will either automatically start playing the mp3 file in your browser, or download it. If it downloads it, look for a notification that the download has begun and click on it to listen once it is finished.

Architectural Site Plan →

This Architectural Site Plan shows the vision of what the Senior Living Community might develop into someday, Lord willing.

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Engineering Site Plan →

The Engineering Site Plan shows the placement and elevations of the units.

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Clubhouse Schematic →

Blueprint of the Clubhouse design.

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Unit Blueprints (3 sets) →

We're excited to have the Spire Group construction firm, led by Pat Richards, as the builders of our Senior Living community. View their Residential Building and Renovations Gallery to see the quality of their craftsmanship.

Unit 1


Unit 2


Unit 3

Specs and Info Proposal for Single Family Units →

The Specs and Info Proposal for Single Family Units document delineates what is included with each condo (construction treatment, appliances, etc.).

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Declaration of Resident Policies & Prices →

This Declaration of Resident Policies document delineates the policies and pricing of the Senior Living Community.

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Contract: Covenants, Costs, Resident Life →

This is the contractual agreement signed by the residents of Faith's Senior Living Community.

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One Touch Security Info →

The condo residents will have the freedom to choose which cluster of security services they would like to include in their condo. That way they will not be forced to pay for more features than they desire.

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Pet Agreement →

Pets are allowed in accordance with the following Pet Agreement.

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