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Memories that will last a lifetime…

Several students had an opportunity to travel to Mexico City this year for J Term. We asked each of them to highlight their trip from their perspective and share some things that the Lord allowed them to learn and experience. Addy Fisher is a senior… Read More

Controlling Our Thoughts: Philippians 4:8, Part 3

As we wrap up our study of Philippians 4:8, we hope you have been encouraged that the battle in our minds against sinful thoughts has already been won through Christ! He has provided all we need through His Word, and if we choose to take… Read More

ABF Series: The Gospel of Mark Lesson 8

Review In our Adult Bible Fellowships we learned in our bible study over the Gospel of Mark that: The book of Mark is a biography of Jesus…so it is good to ask what does the author want us to learn about Jesus The author writes… Read More
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