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Faith Kids @ Home: January 25, 2015

The following lesson was taught in our children’s Sunday School classes on Sunday, January 25. We would encourage you to use the ideas below to review Sunday’s lesson with your family. God Ordains the Sacrificial System Passage: Leviticus 1–7 Principle: God’s holiness requires a sacrifice… Read More

Sunday School Preview: January 25, 2015

As our Sunday School classes launch into their study of the book of Leviticus, it may be helpful for you to review the summary below about the various sacrifices outlined in the first seven chapters of this book. You can also check out more thoughts… Read More

Resource Friday: From Pride to Humility

“Pride comes before a fall.” Many of us have heard this phrase – taken from Proverbs 16:18 – jokingly stated to a cocky participant in a competitive event. But that’s not the only thing the Bible says about pride. All throughout the Bible, we see… Read More
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