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Testimony: Amee Redden

Amee Redden is a busy wife and mom who has many things competing for her attention. With the business of life, Amee could’ve easily passed on serving in our Children’s Ministries. However, she believes that God wants her to invest her time in the lives… Read More

The Kingdom Starts as a Seed

I love the passion that followers of Christ show when they are focused on Kingdom work, especially in the beginning stages of new ministry. We become excited to begin serving, loving, teaching, counseling, and building relationships because we desire to see the expansion the Kingdom… Read More

Controlling Our Thoughts: Philippians 4:8, Part 2

In a previous blog, we began a discussion about how we are to control our thoughts. Taking our thoughts captive and making them submissive to Christ surely is hard work, but it is essential to help us live in victory over sin and live lives… Read More
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