Adventure Camp - Summer Child Care


Parents or Kids?

We're not sure who loves it more!

Faith Community Adventure Camp is a summer child care program that assists parents and kids by providing quality child care for children from age 3 through those entering 8th grade. The camp serves to minister to the campers through daily activities, chapel services, and godly examples from the staff.

Groups & Dates

Hours are 7am-6pm, Monday - Friday. The dates of Adventure Camp 2015 are May 26th - August 7th.

  • Pioneers: rising 1st-2nd graders
  • Explorers: rising 3rd-4th graders
  • Navigators: rising 5th-6th graders
  • Trailblazers: rising 7th-8th graders

2 Locations Serving Greater Lafayette

Faith East

Location iconFaith East Community Center
5572 Mercy Way
Lafayette, IN 47905


Faith West

Location iconFaith West Community Center
1920 Northwestern Ave,
West Lafayette, IN 47906


We will publish the 2015 calendars as soon as they are available.

Rates & Registration


Adventure campers will enjoy our modern Faith East and Faith West Community Center facilities featuring three gyms, indoor pool, computer labs, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, game rooms, craft time spaces, and much more! Trips and activities vary based on age.

Trips: Bus trips will be planned to woodsy trail locations, area parks, yummy berry patches, working farms, and other stimulating local attractions. Trips will vary due to location.

Activities/Sporting Events: Activities may include hiking, bowling, skating, fishing, etc.

Growing in God’s Word: Adventure campers will enjoy weekly age-graded faith activities including daily chapel, singing, and personal application.


For more information at Faith East, please contact Dave Esgar (765-449-4600) (for rising 1st - 8th graders) or Stacy Hancock (765-449-0120) (for 3 year olds - rising K5).

For more information at Faith West, please contact Janet Carney (765-449-3720) (for 3 year olds - rising 8th graders).