About Purdue Bible Fellowship


Are you ready to have meaningful relationships? Do you want to know more about a Biblical worldview? Are you looking for a college Bible study at Purdue University? If so, we want to meet you.

Who We Are 

Purdue Bible Fellowship is an official student organization at Purdue University that partners with Faith Church in Lafayette. We are a collection of passionate college and grad students who love to get to know each other and the Lord. 

What We Do

We want to

  • Encourage meaningful, gospel-centered, Christian worldview relationships
  • Study the Bible diligently as a fellowship and in small groups
  • Gather for genuine and passionate worship and prayer
  • Get together for fun actitives, complete with food and fellowship. 

How You Can Get Involved

Where Your Worldview Fits

What kind of worldview do you have? Everyone has a worldview, a perspective that colors the way he or she looks at reality. We all find the answers to life's most important questions from our worldview. In fact, our worldview tells us what questions to ask! Sometimes our personal worldviews are really compilation of many worldviews. But at Purdue Bible Fellowship, we welcome students from all walks of life and different worldviews to come and study with us about the God of the Bible and his Son, Jesus Christ.

Here are some of the kinds of questions we regularly explore from the Bible during our sessions. .  .

  • Who is Jesus Christ? Is He God?
  • Why would a "loving" God allow sin, death, sadness, and evil in the world?
  • Can't everyone get to God on their own?
  • Does God love me personally or just in a deistic sense?
  • Can someone's death on the cross hundreds of years ago really give me freedom today?

Come and connect with us.