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When Christ was on earth, he had twelve disciples that he spent hours with. Christ, our great example, loved people and spent time building gospel-centered relationships. And that's why we started Purdue Bible Fellowship.

Throughout the school year, we host activities and events, all designed to help college and graduate students build their relationships with each other, while learning about Christ. 

Friday Night Fellowships

Friday Fellowships

Everything is designed to help you to meet people and find find real answers.  

What happens on Friday nights?

Connection Groups

Connection Groups

It's time to get serious about digging into the Word and making close friends. 

What happens in small groups?

Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship

Come worship with us and students from other colleges on Sundays.

What happens on Sunday mornings?

PBF International

PBF International

Connect with students from other countries as well as Americans. 

How can PBFi help me make connections in America?

How can I meet people?

Come to an activity or look us up on Facebook and Twitter

Do I have to join something officially?

No! You are welcome to attend at any time. All of our events, activities, small group Bible studies, and fellowship times are open to the public. 

Do I have to be a Christian to attend church or the small group Bible studies?

No, not at all. We encourage all religions, creeds, and faiths to attend. 

I've heard you have housing options. How can I get into that? 

Yes, our Faith West ministry housing. Applications for leasing are open. Learn more about our covenant housing